Gellan Gum for Solid Air Freshener

Low Acyl Gellan Gum enables air freshener gels of crystal clarity to be formulated,the high melting temperature of these gels make them suitable for use in hot environment ,such as cars.

Gellan gum LA used in solid air-freshener with following application recipes (only for reference):

Gellan gum LA 0.5%, 
calcium lactate 0.05%, 

Gellan gum is widely used in air fresheners because of its high gel performance,high transparency,good water holding capacity and flavor release. Meanwhile, the irreversible gel performance and high melting temperature of gel make it suitable for used in high temperature environment such as cars. Gellan gum enables air freshener gel of crystal clarity to be formulated.

Recommended steps:
1.Mixed gellan gum and calcium lactate;
2.Added to deionized water while stirring, heating until gellan gum dissolved fully;
3.Emulsifier and parfum pre-dissolved, then added certain colourings;
4.Moulding, cooling and forming.
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How to make Clear Air Freshener Gel with Gellan Gum

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