Feed Culture:Soya protein or Pea protein
Other name:pseudomonas elodea gum;Gelrite;Phytagel;gellan gum
Group: Emulsifier, Gelling Agent, Hydrocolloid, Stabilizer,Thickener
Application: Confectionery, Dairy, Flavor + Fragrance, Food, Fruit Preparation, Technical
Origin: Water-soluble Polysaccharide which is produced by the aerobic fermentation of the microorganism Sphingomonas elodea.
Function: Gelling agent and heat stabilizer in fruit preparations, stabilizer in soy drinks and many more.
100% pure High Acyl Gellan Gum
Packaging and storage:
Net 25 kg per drum(GW:27.5KGS, dia 39CM * H 50CM of drum size)
Store in cool,dry conditions; shelf life of 24months

High Acyl Gellan Gum
Yellowish powder  
Particle Size(%)
Loss on Drying /(%)
Isopropyl Alcohol/(mg/kg)
Suspension Test
Aerobic Bacterial Count(CFU/g)
Coliforms (MPN/100g)
Yeast and Mold (CFU/g)
Not Detected

Features of Gellan Gum High Acyl:

1.Very low dosage can help to for "fluid gels" to be as suspension or stabilizing agent in beverages: 
2.Excellent acid stability or wide pH application range: 
3.Can help to form elastic gels: 
4.Help the blended beverage with a thicker mouth feel: 
5.Good combination with modied starch to be used as thickener; 
6.Good compatibility with other ingredients and hydrocollids.

Typical Procedure of Gellan Gum Application:

1. Make gellan gum dispersed in cool deionised water by stirring; 
2. Heat solution 1. to 80 Celcius Degree; 
3. Add cations into solution 2.; 
4. Cool down the solution 3. to certain temperatures, stabilizing / suspending fuctions avaiable.


To disperse the product without lumps: Premix the powder with the other dry ingredients, and pour the preparation into the liquid under efficient stirring. Continue stirring to obtain a complete dispersion.


The dissolution of the product depends on the medium and the process: it is improved by heat treatment (time, temperature), shear stress(stirrer, homogenizer). A complete dissolution can be rapidly obtained by boiling for 5-10min or at around 85-90℃ for 20-30min with sequestrants(Sequestrants such as sodium citrate may be required for hydration in hard water).

Typical Applications:

High Acyl Gellan Gum provides fluid gelation, suspension or stabilisation to food and beverage (including dairy products) products. 
Some Specific Applications: 
1. Acid fruit juice; 
2. Fruit Pulps Suspending Beverage; 
3. Dairy Drinks such as netural milk, youghurd, cereal milk, soybean milk, fruits pulps suspending milk beverages; 
4. Roughage Drinks; 
5. Vegetable protein beverage.

Regulatory Information:

Gellan Gum High Acyl complies with requirements contained in the following regulations and standards: In China: GB25535-2010;In U.S.A.: FOOD CHEMICALS CODEX, 21 CFR § 172.665; In Canada: CANADIAN FOOD AND DRUG LAW (ITEM G.2,TABLE IV), In EU: THE PURITY CRITERIA IN THE CURRENT EC DIRECTIVE, 1829/2003/EC; EU Regulation 2021/1165,Others:JECFA Standard.