Gellan Gum Origin:

  • Gellan is an anionic polysaccharide, which is produced by Sphingomonas paucimobilis bacterium(ATCC31461) through aerobic fermentation. Purified by alcohol precipitation. 
  • In 1978, in CP Kelco Kaneko and Kang found a water soluble polymer – gellan 
  • In 1988, Japan approved gellan gum for use in food products. 
  • In 1992,FDA approved the use of gellan gum as an food additive. It has E-number E 418.


CINOGEL BIOTECH,a professional gellan gum manufacturer in China which foucs on both high acyl & low acyl gellan gum;
It is extremely effective at low use levels and is available in two forms.


  • Forming gel ,low dosage(at lest 0.05%) forms gel
  • Excellent stability(PH ,Heat)
  • No protein interaction
  • Fluid gel(suspension)
  • High clarity
  • Flexibility in melting and setting temp.

Gel Formation


  • Poor dispersion will result in incomplete hydration and loss of gum functionality.


  • Blending with dispersants such as sugar,sodium citrate etc.
  • Stirring or starting the agitator before adding.
  • Using well dispersion products such as KELCOGEL or CINOGEL GELLAN


• Concentration of ions in solution will affect the hydration temp. such as calcium , Sodium
• Low acyl gellan gum requires a temperature of 75 ℃(1670F) to fully hydrate the gum.
• High acyl gellan gum hydrates between 70℃ and 80 ℃(1580F and 1760F) even in relatively high   ion concentrations

Gel formation  

In the absence of added cations, low acyl gellan gum gels set at around 25℃ (770F), where high acyl sets at around 65 ℃ (1490F). With added calcium or sodium ions,the setting temperature increases.

Gel Texture

     • Low acyl –-hard brittle gel
     • High acyl—soft elastic gel
     • Blending two types with vary ratios a wide variety of textures can be obtained.
     • It is possible to obtain textures close to those of carrageenan and gelatin gels

Comparation to the other hydrocolloids gel 

Typical Application

Dessert jellies


• Key features
※ High gel strength
※ High transparent
※ Quickly gelling
※ Acid & heat stability
※ Low syneresis
※ Low dosage
• Basic formulation
Water: 42% Fruit juice: 42%
Sugar:15.15% Citric acid: 0.4
Sodium citrate:0.30% Gellan Gum:0.15%

Suspension drinks

• Key features
※ Fluid gel
※ Low dosage 0.02-0.15%
※ Low viscosity
※ Prolong shelf life
※ Good flavor release
• Basic formulation
Water : 88.117% Sugar: 11.25%
Sodium citrate:0.06% Gellan Gum: 0.028%
Sodium benzoate:0.02% Citric acid :0.5%
Calcium lactate:0.025%


• Key features
※ Excellent stability
※ High gel strength
※ Sparkling transparent
※ Acid & heat stability
※ High melting temp.
※ Low syneresis
• Basic formulation
Water: 49.3% Glucose Syrup:45%
Gellan Gum:0.5% Carrageenan:2.5%
Citric acid:1.3% Sodium citrate:1.3%

Plant Tissue Culture Study


• Key features
※ Heat stability
※ High transparent
※ Low syneresis
※ Quickly gel formation
• Basic formulation
MS medium solution
Gellan Gum: 0.25%
Sugar: 3%

Air Freshener Gel


• Key features
※High gel strength
※High Transparent
※Thermal irreversible gel
※No syneresis
• Basic formulation
Water: 82.38% Tween-20:1.5%
Gellan Gum:0.8% Ethanol: 5%
Flavor: 10% Calcium Chloride:0.1%
Color:0.02% Sodium benzoate:0.2%



• Key features
※ Low hydration temp
※ No syneresis
※ Low protein interaction
※ Acid stability
※ Prolong shelf life
• Basic formulation
Skim milk : 90% Sugar: 6.8%
Gellan Gum: 0.05% Pectin:0.15%
Strain:3 %

Fruit Juice Beverage


• Key features
※ No syneresis
※ Acid stability
※ Fluid gel
※ Low viscosity
※ Low dosage 0.025—0.15%
• Basic formulation
Mango &orange juices: 99.85%
Gellan Gum 0.12%
Citric acid: 0.03%

Toothpaste and personal care products

• Key features
※ Pseudoplastic fluid
※ Control syneresis
※ High transparent
※ Excellent flavor release
※ Excellent stand-up
 • Basic formulation
        Sodium Fluoride:0.3%
        Sorbitol :30%
        Sodium Saccharinat:0.2%
        Glycerin :20%
         Cellulose Gum :0.2%
       Gellan Gum :0.05%
        Titanium Dioxide: 1% ,
        Hydrated Silica: 15%
      Aroma: 1% ,Citric Acid :0.5% ,Water:31.35%

And Many More Applications/Icon/button in Pharmaceutical Uses: Gellan Gum can be used to produce easy- to - swallow solid dosage forms,such as gels and cotaed tablets, and to modify the rate of release of active ingredients from tablets and capsules. (updated on 2019/1/5)