Feed Culture:Soya protein or Pea protein
Other name:pseudomonas elodea gum;Gelrite;Phytagel;gellan gum
Group: Emulsifier, Gelling Agent, Hydrocolloid, Stabilizer,Thickener
Application: Confectionery, Dairy, Flavor + Fragrance, Food, Fruit Preparation, Technical
Origin: Water-soluble Polysaccharide which is produced by the aerobic fermentation of the microorganism Sphingomonas elodea.
Function: Gelling agent and heat stabilizer in fruit preparations, clear suspending agent in beverage drinks(like chia brassil seed or Aloe vera),food stabilizer in soy drinks,plant tissue culture/Icon/button media and many more.
100% pure Low Acyl Gellan Gum 
Packaging and storage:
Net 25 kg per drum(GW:27.5KGS, dia 39CM * H 50CM of drum size)
Store in cool,dry conditions; shelf life of 24months

Low Acyl Gellan GumWhite powder
Gellan Gum content(%)85.0—108.0
Loss on drying(%)≤15.0
Particle size(%)60 Mesh ≥95
Gel strength(g/c㎡)≥1100
PH(1% Solution)4.5—7.0
Bacterium account(CFU/g)≤10000
Yeast and mould(CFU/g)≤400
SalmonellaNot Detected

Features of Gellan Gum Low Acyl:

1.Gellan Gum LA Gel Strength can be as high as 1300g/cm3 (perfect for gelling application) ; 
2.Transparency/ Transmittance can be as high as 95%(good for Plant Tissue Culture Mediam Application); 
3.Heat Stability; Heat Irreversible; 
4.Excellent acid stability; 
5.Better taste-releasing ability; 
6.Good compatibility with other ingredients and hydrocollids; 
7.Fluid gel suspension; 
8.Quite low dosage(0.01%-1.5%). 
9.Good Moisture Maintain Ability.

Typical Procedure of Gellan Gum Application:

1. Make gellan gum dispersed in cool deionised water by stirring; 
2. Heat solution 1. to 85 Celcius Degree for 20-30mins; or boiling for 5-10mins; 
3. Add cations or salts into solution 2.; 
4. Cool down the solution 3. to certain temperatures, gelling or suspending fuctions avaiable.


To disperse the product without lumps: Premix the powder with the other dry ingredients (except kations or salts), and pour the preparation into the liquid under efficient stirring. Continue stirring to obtain a complete dispersion.


The dissolution of the product depends on the medium and the process: it is improved by heat treatment (time, temperature), shear stress(stirrer, homogenizer). A complete dissolution can be rapidly obtained by boiling for 5-10mins or at around 85-90℃ for 20-30mins with sequestrants(Sequestrants such as sodium citrate may be required for hydration in hard water).

Gel Formation:

Gellan gum forms gels on cooling. The setting temperature in deionised water is 25 degrees C for the low acyl gellan gum. The addition of cations to the solutions increases the setting temperature of both products.

Typical Applications of Gellan Gum Low Acyl:

Gellan gum provides gelation, suspension or stabilisation to food products. It is very economic in use as it is effective at low concentrations. Gellan gum can be used alone or in combination with other hydrocolloids to produce the required texture in the final product. For instance: 
1. Beverages : 0.012%-0.05%;Typical Drinks: Aloe Vera Beverage; Yellow Peach Pulps Drinks; Pineapple Pulps Drinks; Coconut Drinks; and various of fruit juice. 
2. Jellies:dosage: 0.06%-0.5%; 
3. Fruit Jams: dosage: 0.2%; 
4. Confectionery and Confectionery jellies: dosage: 0.05%-0.8%; 
5. Solid Airfresheners: dosage : 0.8%-1.5%; 
6. Dessert Fillings : 0.8%-1.0%; 
7. Jelly Drink: 0.25%-0.4%
8. Plant tissue culture applications: 1/5 agar use level.

Regulatory Information:

Gellan Gum Low Acyl complies with requirements contained in the following regulations and standards: In China: GB25535-2010;In U.S.A.: FOOD CHEMICALS CODEX, 21 CFR § 172.665; In Canada: CANADIAN FOOD AND DRUG LAW (ITEM G.2,TABLE IV), In EU: THE PURITY CRITERIA IN THE CURRENT EC DIRECTIVE, 1829/2003/EC; Others:JECFA Standard.

Low acyl gellan gum: Colloid solubility is more sensitive to the metal ions (K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg 2+, etc). In other words,the soluble salt can affect the dissolution of gellan gum, but the gel and suspension effect need these ions. Therefore, you'd better add the soluble salts after gellan gum dissolved fully. the optimum sol temperature is above 80℃. 
The typical application steps are as follows: 
(1) in the cool deionized water, add gellan gum and stir fully; 
(2) Heat temperature to above 85℃; 
(3) add salt (cation); 
(4) cool the mixture to form a gel or a stable suspension system. Low acyl gellan gum is usually used in transparent suspension drinks, jelly, jams, tissue culture medium plants, air freshener, cosmetics, etc.