1.low acyl gellan gum Aqueous solution
(low acyl gellan gum suspension in transparent drink)
Gellan gum LA            0.028%(Max:0.04%
Colors:                          0.0007%
Flavour:                       0.17%
CMC                              0.04% (can add it or not)
Sugar                             10.0%
Caco3                            0.04%
Sodium citrate             0.014%(can add it or not)
sodium polyphosphate     0.017%(can add it or not)
Citric acid            0.2%(PH Value can be adjusted according to products flavour your required, but must ensure that calcium carbonate dissolved completely, and the PH will affect the suspension temperature
Aloe vera pulps         0.30%

First mix all materials except citric acid and aloe vera pulps to add in deionized water and Stirring constantly. then rise the temperature to 95C and keep 10 min to make sure all dissolving fully,After that, you add the citric acid, pls be well noted that you d better reducing the dosage of it to make sure the PH value above 3.5.  when the solution becomes transparent, then add the aloe vera pulps and cool dow the temperature to 23C. at this time it can float equably.

2.High acyl gellan gum suspension in acid fruit drinks.
(high acyl gellan gum suspension in opaque drink)
gellan gum HA                    0.03%-0.04%
potassium sorbate                 0.03%
sugar                                         4.0%
concentrated juice                 1.0%
NaCl                                        0.03%
Mix high acyl gellan gum and sugar, adding in deionized water, stirring in the accession to the 20%NaCl, 20% 600uL of potassium sorbate, heating and boiling then maintained 3-5min, cooled to about 60C, adding concentrated juice, then adjust pH value with citric acid to 4.0-4.2, hot filling(pre cooked processed orange fruit grain or 5mm * 5mm * 5mm coconut fruit are in the bottle), observe the suspended situation after cooling,The floating effect can be effectd by fruit type, gellan gum dosage, solution temperature, cooling and storage time. etc.

gellan gum in suspension beverage