Hi,as we all know, China now is the largest "factory" in the world, you can almost find whatever you want there, so if anyone doing business, it is a good chance to find a reliable china supplier. so,may i know anyone doing gellan gum business?

Gellan Gum outstanding properties include: setting temperature,degree of structure,thermal stability and low viscosity suspension ability.

Gellan Gum has E number E418 and due to the above outstanding properties it is widely used in many products that require gelling,suspending,stabilizing,texturizing,film forming and structuring.

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Gellan gum (or E418) is a versatile gelling agent that can produce a wide variety of textures varying from firm, brittle gels that crumble in the mouth, to fluid or elastic gels (depending on conditions & type used). It can also be used as a thickening, stabilising and suspending agent. It sets exceptionally fast at ambient temperatures and enables outstanding flavour release.

What is it?

It is derived from Sphingomonas elodea, a bacteria that grows on an aquatic plant.

It forms gels when combined with foods rich in calcium, magnesium or potassium (high positive ion content). Calcium rich dairy products, calcium chloride etc may also be needed to aid setting.

Types of gel achievable

1. Firm, brittle gel – Using low acyl gellan gum in very low concentrations – from just 0.1% – firm and brittle gels can be made. These gels are crystal clear, making them very appealing visually.

2. Fluid gel – By agitating low acyl gellan gum gels as they cool, fluid gels can be created. They have apparent low viscosity, yet have remarkable suspending properties, successfully suspending particles such as coloured spheres, herbs, and even gases.

3. Elastic gel – By incorporating high acyl gellan, a far more flexible result can be achieved. The resultant gel can be made into thin sheets that can be rolled or folded.

4. Spheres and strands – a pure, gellan gum solution can be dropped into an ion rich water solution to form gelled spheres or strands.

How should it be used?

As well as being heat stable, gellan gum is also stable over a wide pH range meaning it is suitable for use with many different foods. As with any molecular ingredient, experimentation is essential to achieve the desired effect.