Gellan Gum is a common ingredient in dairy milk beverages, used for its ability to provide stabilization, suspension, and texture to the product. Here is an example formula and explanation of how Gellan Gum is used in a dairy milk beverage:

Example formula:

  • Dairy milk: 88%
  • Sugar: 7%
  • Gellan Gum: 0.2%
  • Natural flavor: 0.5%
  • Preservative: 0.05%
  • Vitamins and minerals: 4.25%

Why Gellan Gum?:

In this example formula, Gellan Gum is added at a concentration of 0.2%, which is sufficient to provide stabilization and suspension to the dairy milk beverage. The Gellan Gum helps to prevent separation or sedimentation of any added ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, that may be present in the beverage.

Gellan Gum is particularly useful in dairy milk beverages because it is heat-stable and can be added during the high-temperature processing steps without breaking down. It also provides a smooth and creamy texture to the beverage, which is desirable in dairy milk products.

The sugar and natural flavor are added to improve the taste of the product, while the preservative helps to extend the shelf life of the beverage. The vitamins and minerals are added for nutritional purposes, and the Gellan Gum helps to keep them evenly distributed throughout the beverage.

Overall, the addition of Gellan Gum to a dairy milk beverage formula provides stabilization, suspension, and texture, making it a valuable ingredient in the production of these types of products.