Gellan gum is widely used in the food industry for gelling, thickening and stabilizing. It has particular application in formulations with high sugar or starch content. Gellan gum systems show excellent stability (heat, acid and base) and also give fluid gels when sheared during cooling and are therefore ideal for use in suspension and pumping or filling applications.

Dairy Products: gellan gums have the ability to form gels in the presence of milk proteins and thus are used widely as stabilizing and texture agents in dairy products. 

Typical products are beverages, puddings and desserts, cream, ice cream, set and stirred yogurts. Both HA and LA gellan gums hydrate well in milk based systems and rarely require the addition of extra ions or sequestrants to gel. 

Good heat stability and low viscosity at high temperature benefits application in UHT or HTST treatments.

Gellan Gum Used in Dairy Products

Other Gellan Gum applications in food industry : 

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