Gellan gum is widely used in the food industry for gelling, thickening and stabilizing. It has particular application in formulations with high sugar or starch content. Gellan gum systems show excellent stability (heat, acid and base) and also give fluid gels when sheared during cooling and are therefore ideal for use in suspension and pumping or filling applications.

Fluid or shear gels
gellan gum gels that are subjected to some level of shear or agitation on cooling, form fluid gels that have a weak gel structure and that are ideal for use as suspension agents. 

Fluid gels can be produced in a number of ways including standard filling procedures and even in ‘shake before use’ applications. 

Both HA and LA gellan gums are used in such applications. HA gellan fluid gels are less sensitive to the ionic conditions (in the formulation) and have more elastic flow properties than LA gellan fluid gels. 

Fluid gels form the basis of many applications including:
fruit and dairy based beverages; some dairy products;spreads including low fat/no fat applications and dressings and sauces. Soya milk  is a classic example of gellan suspension, it works at about 300 ppm with LA gellan.
gellan gum fluid gel technology
gellan gum fluid gel technology
Other Gellan Gum applications in food industry : 

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