In personal care products, such as sunscreens,lotions,and mild hair conditioners,gellan gum has been used as a structuring agent rather than gelling agent,providing body, stability,and pleasing skin feel.
Typical applications as following:
Hair care products.
Creams and lotions.
Suntan lotioins and sunscreens.

In toothpaste formulations, gellan gum is advantageous for its binding properties and its gel-like texture. It produces a reversible, not-stringy,ture-gel structure in many types of toothpaste formulations.
Features of gellan gum in toothpaste:
*low use levels(0.025%-0.25%)
*short,not-stringy flow even in low-water formulations
*excellent stand-up
*reversible gel-like structure
*gel structure will not melt even at high temperature
*low viscosity contribution during toothpaste/gel preparation
*delayed gel structure over several hours to 24 hours after preparation
*excellent flavor release allowing lower flavor and sweetener levels
*excellent stability to enzymes,PH,and high shear
*compatible with many actives such as tartar control salts and anti-plaque agents
*fast break-down in mouth 

gellan gum in personal care products